Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Toast your Tootsies Happy New Year!

Are you planning on dancing the night away this New Year's Eve? If you answered, "yes" then puh-lease go ahead and order these slippers for your feet.

After a night on the town, you can slip into these cozy, plush terry cloth slippers. They are available in hot pink, lime green and crisp white with a monogram!

Most ordered color combos:
Hot Pink slippers with Lime Green monogram
White Slippers with a Chocolate Monogram
Lime Green slippers with a Black Monogram
Hot Pink Slippers with a Chocolate Monogram

The price point is incredible at just $26.99. FREE monogram! Woo Hoo! That's something worth celebrating this New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting a New Years Diet? Get this Lunch Bag!

The New Year's Resolution buzz has already begun!

If you listen closely you can hear the grumbles of all who over ate this holiday season. The morning show hosts are already touting the latest and greatest ways to loose weight in the New Year.

The Tales by the Sea team to the rescue! How? By offering this handy insulated lunch tote, of course! It is a proven fact that if you eat out less and exercise more, you WILL loose weight. You will also save money! Cha-ching!

By packing your lunch to work or school, you can eat healthier choices. Not to mention that you will look quite stylish in the process! This tote if offered in a variety colors, as shown. Each bag can be personalized with your name or initials. Both hot and cold foods work in this lunch bag. The roomy interior will even hold a drink, utensils and napkins.

Order now, while the monogramming is FREE! Cheers to a happier, healthier 2009!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Online & In Store Sale of the Year!

VIP's...you ROCK! You made our year successful with your support of our retail shop and online boutique. We want to give you one more chance to shop and save by offering you 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE ORDER at BOTH of our shops, Frill Seekers Gifts and Tales by the Sea, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

ENTER CODE: SANTAELF at check out on either site or present this coupon in-store!

Open Christmas Eve from 10-3 !
It's a great time to buy and try some of the fabulous products you've seen at our shop. You do love a sale...right?

Friday, December 19, 2008


It's time to shop for Y-O-U ! Earn 20% OFF ENTIRE ORDER TWO DAYS ONLY! 12/19 & 12/20

Shop Now! Enter CODE: SANTA at checkout.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

F*R*E*E Mongramming In-store & Online!

We can't Thank You enough for your support this Holiday Season...but we're gonna try anyway! F*R*E*E Monogramming store wide and site wide!
We can still get your orders to you in time for Christmas if they are ordered by this SATURDAY! Woo! Hoo! Our machines are humming, the elves running and the little drummer boy drumming!

Check out these fabulous finds for your list:
Monogrammed Make Up Bags!
Lollia Wish Products

Seashore Perfume

Monogrammed Towels

Christmas Fever Bath Bomg---great stocking stuffer!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Join us! Holiday Open House this Weekend!

Join us this weekend, Saturday and Sunday from 10-6 for our Annual Holiday Open House!
Prizes, Snacks, Specials, Shopping...fun!
Leave a comment and you may win a little treat!

To view our coupon code for this weekend's online sale: http://talesbythesea.com/index.aspx?dc=SANTAVIP

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Gift for Girlfriends!

What do you call a gift for your girlfriends? A "happy," "treat," or "sussy?" Well, it really doesn't matter WHAT you call it, because these monogrammed waffle bags are happy/treat/and sussy all rolled in to one adorable, yet practical personalized gift. {{WHEW, that was a mouth full!}}

This year, the buzz word in gifts is affordable. This cosmetic bag has that category covered. Our small waffle bags run a mere $6.99 and the large are only $9.99. Colors offered are mocha brown, hot pink, grey, red, white, and tropical blue.

Select any of our monogram styles, a fun thread color and our team will add a coordinating grosgrain ribbon to the bag. The monogram is only $9.00. Each bag is lined for extra protection.

Perfect for travel, this bag could also be used to store items in your briefcase or desk. Students love it to store items in their lockers at school or backpacks during the day.

After all, don't your BFF's deserve a treat/happy/sussy this year? We've heard they are on Santa's "nice" list. We confess...we took the liberty of moving them off the naughty list. {wink, wink}

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Huge shipment of LOLLIA products has arrived!

Happy "Lollia-days!"

Just got back from a spur of the moment trip to the north pole with a HUGE new shipment of Lollia bath and body items. This trip was really fun. I had NO idea that things had changed so much up north.

The elves had changed alot of things. With gas prices being soooo high, they are packing great gifts for Santa to deliver, instead of a bunch of little bitty stuff. The number one "spoil me" gift on every one's list was LOLLIA! We even heard Santa chuckling, "Lo! Lo! Lo! instead of Ho! Ho! Ho! He loves this stuff.

We now know why. The four fragrances: Wish, Believe, Imagine and Inspire,
are simply divine. The aroma is irresistible and the packaging of each and every item is a feast for the eyes. The elves were so proud of Margot Elena's Lollia designs this year. Mrs. Claus was sporting the Believe fragrance (no surprise there!), Ellie Elf wore Inspire (again, no surprise!), but when Edward Elf came in wearing Wish...well a few eyebrows were raised!

That just goes to prove a well known North Pole point...this Lollia line of wonderful
bath salts, shea butter lotion, perfume and candles is at the top of every one's Christmas list this year.

Happy Lollia-days to all and to all a good night

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tales by the Sea welcomes artist, Dawn Shoults

EDITOR's NOTE: The following is the press release sent out to regional media on November's guest artist, Dawn Shoults. Stop by Tales by the Sea Thanksgiving Weekend to view her art.

Artist Dawn Shoults artwork is featured at Tales by the Sea's annual Holiday Open House!

If you like a splash of color...bright, vivid, happy colors...then you will adore the impressionistic style of painting that Destin, Florida artist, Dawn Shoults brings to life in oil paintings. She paints under the name of Frazier, her maiden name, which is nod to the deep Southern family ties that nurtured her love of art at an early age.

The Atlanta, Georgia native, attended University of Georgia to study fashion merchandising and marketing. Her love of fashion and quest for exploring has taken her to over 35 different countries. With each visit, the artist captures the sights and sounds of the places and people that she encounters to later paint. Each memory is then transformed into a beautiful piece of bright, colorful, bold art.

As unique as the piece, Dawn names each item with a poignant title, which too captures admirer's attention. Thus making you want to linger near each piece to soak in every brush stroke of the artist's bold creation. Her passion for painting is evident immediately when studying her work. Her God given talent and zest for life, create an intoxicating mix that unfolds in her signature, full color style. Florida artist, Bettye Bowick, who took a personal interest in Mrs. Shoults talent has been a tremendous influence on her painting style.

A woman of considerable talent, Mrs. Shoutls is also a sought after Gulf Coast realtor. She and husband, Jeff reside along Destin's Emerald Coast with their two children, son,Frazier and daughter,Darien and yellow lab, Marlin.

Mrs. Shoults also accepts some custom artwork requests by appointment.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

FREE GIFT to Thank our Customers

Our Thanksgiving Gift to our Customers!

Thanksgiving is first...thanks...and then giving! Today, it is YOU, our loyal customers that we are most grateful for. Thank you for your business, but most importantly your friendship over the years. We could not stay in business without your support.

As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering this JOY hand engraved soap with any $25.00 in store or online purchase thru midnight Black Friday. Keep this beautiful Fresh Linen scented candle for yourself or give it as a gift.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Chair for the Little Man

The little man in your life deserves this chair. However, Santa called and said his sleigh is filling up fast...so you better get your order in this week if you need this chair, this Christmas! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Our comfy, wing back chair is the perfect resting spot for reading, playing or spending quiet time in "time out." Our chairs are made in the USA one at a time by skilled craftsmen who love their work.

Fabric choices for boys include army green as pictured above, or khaki, white or hot pink for the little lady's chair.

A beautiful monogram can be added to the chair back in the thread color of your choice. The personalizing just adds to the heirloom quality of this piece. Can't you just picture your children and then grandchildren reading in this chair? One of our client's even had her grandchild's portrait painted in it.

{{Ring, ring}} Gotta go---it's the red phone, that Santa uses to keep us abreast of how many chairs are in stock. HOpe you get yours ordered today---we can't have any elves out of work in 2009, they have a really hard time seeing over the tall unemployment counters!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our sweet CoCo is back in stock!

CoCo is back in stock! Finally!

The old saying, "you never really miss something until its gone," certinly applies here.

This little monkey, CoCo, has become a real assest to Tales by the Sea. He sits on the shelf smelling like coconut lime. When he is in stock our whole shop smells divine. When he is gone, we missed not only his aroma, but his warm company.

The staff realized that each of would "talk" to CoCo throughout the day. "CoCo, did you see that ladies cute handbag. CoCo I'm hungry, are you." He became a trusted confidante and friend. The problem is he sells out too quickly. Why?

CoCo is a best seller (and friend) because his belly has a flax seed insert that is filled with tropical coconut lime scents. This insert can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer providing a wonderful way for you to relax. He is also a nice gift item for a child or baby's room.

Pack CoCo along on a trip to cuddle with or place him in your passenger seat to keep you company. CoCo is a great listener and beautiful addition to any home.

Next time you are in Sandestin, please stop by to meet CoCo. Just remember---don't feed the monkeys! They'll just go bananas!

Only 3 left. Order one today.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Go Wild with our Zebra Robe

You will go WILD over our new Zebra Robe. This pattern is offered in lime green stripes with hot pink trim.

The North Pole called Tales by the Sea this morning to check our supply! We told Santa's elves that these are flying off the shelves, so they better get busy sending us more. Mrs. Claus even ordered one for herself! Imagine!

This super soft, cotton robe can be personalized with a name or monogram. Our elves suggest using hot pink thread and a sassy, script lettering style. Our model, Catrina was caught sporting her robe while picking up her morning copy of the Sandestin Globe. She looks gorgeous!

Come by the shop and discover many new lines and our standard best sellers. The Tales by the Sea elves will cheerfully wrap and ship your gifts, too. Just hurry, because at just $58.99 these robes will roam out of the shop rapidly.

Call us for matching pajamas and slippers, too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lavender Sachets...yum! Smell!

Ohhhh, Smell the Lavender!

{{Take a deep breath}} Imagine that you are walking through a gorgeous field of fresh lavender. Pale purple blooms surround you and tickle your senses with a delightful burst of lavender. Didn't that smell great?

The staff at Tales by the Sea soooo wishes that we could post a "scratch n sniff" sticker here. That would allow each of you to smell these amazing linen sachets that are filled to the brim with our new fresh lavender.

Look closely at the photos...you'll notice that each one has a unique saying or design:
Thinking of You
Thank You
Fleur de Lis Design
The front of each sachet has a sheer "window" that permits the fragrance to breeze through the air.

This sachet makes a lovely treat for a treasured friend or co-worker. Many clients purchase these to place in their powder rooms or dresser drawers. It's a really easy and affordable (just $8.99) way to fragrance your home or car.

{{Once more, breathe in, breathe out}} Yum! The fresh lavender scent is everywhere! This item is offered in store---call us---850-351-1980.

PS: STOCKING STUFFER ALERT...these would a perfect item to stuff your stocking with!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stocker Stuffer Alert!

Stuff your Stockings with One Minute Manicure!

"If it's good enough for Oprah Winfrey, than it's good enough for me." The sales team at Tales by the Sea must hear that statement 3 or 4 times a day! When guests step into our shop and see the photograph of the divine Miss Oprah trying our One Minute Manicure they instantly want to try it, too.

The dead sea salt, exfoliating scrub is a must for dry hands, heals, elbows and knees. The name says it all: One Minute Manicure! It truly only takes ONE minute to rub the mixture into your hands, cuticles and nail bed. Then you simply rinse your hands under cold water, which activates the Vitamin E, essentials oils, grapeseed extract, etc. and your hands feel...AMAZINGLY SOFT!

The two fragrances that are in stock today are the Fresh Lemon Creme and the Ginger Citrus. Both smell delicious and work magic on tired, worn out hands and heels. We offer 2 sizes: Large which gives you 120 treatments or the small which offer 15 treatments.

If your Christmas stockings need stuffing...then order a few of these. Teachers, friends and family will be delighted to find this gift under the tree on Christmas morning. We're sure Oprah will have them under her tree, too!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Put this Christmas in Perspective: Amazing Book: Cole Family Christmas

An unforgettable book: COLE FAMILY CHRISTMAS
If your Christmas will be held on a different level this year due to the national economy...you have to read this book. With it's moving message and timely theme, it will be one of Santa's best sellers this year. It can be ordered by calling our shop: 850-351-1980 Limited supply as the Holidays approach.

Here's how it has been described:

"Cole Family Christmas is a delightful story about a coal-mining family of eleven in the Appalachian Mountains who learns that love and togetherness far surpass material things. It’s a story similar to the O'Henry's Gift of the Magi in which one’s most prized possession take on a new meaning when you give them away.

The humble family with nine children tightly embrace the importance of listening and respect as they struggle to make ends meet in the harsh climes in the Kentucky mountains. The co-authors, eighty-eight year old Hazel Cole Kendle, on which her true story is based, and her granddaughter-in-law Jennifer Liu Bryan, write with such beauty that you can feel the cold drifting up from the frigid floorboards. You can smell the food Mama cooks and sense the coziness in the tiny kitchen as her children help her prepare each family meal.

In this tightly written story, the authors do a great job developing the characters, a none too easy task in a seventy-five paged illustrated book. An inanimate object, even the Sears catalogue wish book takes on a life of its own as the centerpiece of the children’s lives in the story.

Aside from the lessons of love the reader learns, another significant message is conveyed: the importance of recording family history. Genealogists and parents alike will love Cole Family Christmas for its uplifting quality and its gentle reminder of the true meaning of Christmas."

by Christine Hohlbaum
Mama's Musings

Please consider this for your Christmas giving. The story is one that will be shared from generation to generation. It is based on a real family struggling through real hard times.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shhhh! Secret VIP COUPON...

SSSShhhh, this post is for Tales by the Sea VIP's ONLY! Santa stopped by early and reminded us to send you one more reminder that our Election Day "I VOTED" 15% OFF discount ends November 6th! Simply enter IVOTED in the discount code box during checkout to earn the VIP discount.

The best part is, Santa also said we should let you use the discount on our sister site, http://www.frillseekersgifts.com You can earn 15% OFF any personalized fabulous find you select there, too! This is one website you'll want to mark as a favorite. From cute holiday photo cards, to unique tote bags and stationery...you'll be frilled to shop online.

Ohh, that Santa! He's really a great guy. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great Guys Pajamas

~~~~~~~~~~The COUNTDOWN BEGINS...Great Guy Pajamas will arrive shortly!
The wait is just about over. Hip! Hip! Hurray! We know "girls just wanna have fun." but the guys want in on the action, too. Our ladies pajamas in animal prints and solids have been a hit. Ladies all over the country are sporting our sassy ensembles.

However, the guys weren't feelin' the love. They felt like it was outright discrimination to not have cool looking male sleep attire. We could not sleep with the thought of a discrimination lawsuit...soooo...we swung into action with our favorite designer to offer the best pj's for HIM in the country. Heck, these might be the best and most comfortable in the whole world.

The pj's are a super soft cotton fabric with a drawstring waist. The fabric choices are really masculine. As soon as these babies arrive into the shop, we will add them to the website and you can start ordering.

Crisis averted. No lawsuit in sight. {{Whew}} Good Night! The guys are resting and "sleeping tight."

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cupcake Bath Fizzies

Fresh out the oven...well, kinda! Another batch of Tales by the Sea's wonderful Cupcake Bath Fizzies have arrived.

Just one whiff of these delightful cupcakes and you will crave more! Currently offered in the following scents:
Blackberry Martini
Birthday Cake
Pink Champagne
Oatmeal and Honey

Each bubble bath fizzie can be plopped in the tub whole or broken into pieces and used for several soaks. Containing fabulous moisturizing components these cupcakes are pure pleasure.

Very nice idea for a party favor or treat for your office mates. Each cupcake is hand wrapped in clear cello and topped off with a matching bow. The presentation is irresistible. For a party, we suggest using a tiered cake stand with doilies on plates and put these near your door. As each guest departs, the hostess can present them with a small take home gift.

Check out our bath bombs, too. Log on to http://talesbythesea.com

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wild about our Zebra PJ's & Tennis Racket Covers

"Going wild" would be the only way to describe the staff when our new zebra pajamas arrived. Then we dug deeper in the box and found leopard, black zebra and pink zebra tennis racket covers.

The shop turned into a frenzy like atmosphere. Here at Sandestin Resort, this weekend is known as "Tennis Ladies Getaway." The ladies may have gotten away from their homes and hubbies, but they would not get away from our zebra tennis racket covers. They were buying them out of the box. I wish I had a camera to show you the chaos.

Of course, each tennis lady wanted a monogram added to the items and wanted to know "how fast" it could be ready...because they HAD to have the tennis racket cover for their afternoon match. Too funny.

Crisis averted. The personalization team swung (no pun intended) into action and completed the job. The tennis ladies were soooo happy and soooo stylish.

We also have black zebra and pink aprons. We will post a photo soon. Call the shop to order any of the items in today's blog and mention BLOG and earn 10% off each item.
offer expires 10-29-08

Monday, October 20, 2008

Erase Deodorant Marks Forever!

TRAVEL GOODS MAGAZINE touted the Gal Pal Deodorant Remover pad as a "must have accessory to go!"

The Tales by the Sea staff couldn't agree more. For moms-on-the-go...it is a PAIN to throw on your little black dress and discover white deodorant marks on the sides of your hot little number. Ekkkkk. You were already running late and now you will BE late for sure.

Don't panic. Just pull out one of our pads and rub the marks with the grain of the fabric. Magically, this little pad has removed the white marks and you are no longer a "hot mess!"

This is a must have item for every stylish woman or man. Available in travel packs or 2 pad packs. Very affordable, very necessary.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Free Engraving on Soap


It doesn't happen often...

Now through October 30th, order any of our wonderful engravable soap sets and get the engraving F*R*E*E!

Our soaps are offered in the following fabulous scents:
Cherries Jubliee
Fresh Linen

The set of 3 soaps comes packaged in a gift box. You can order it with one large initial or 3 letter monogram. We can also do a first name in the center of each bar of soap.

Nice gift idea for Hostess Gifts, Teacher Gifts, Holiday Gifts, or a Me Gift. Order now while the engraving is free. Enjoy!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Flower Shower

A fabulous find!
Some items are just too cute for words! This Sunflower Outdoor Shower is one of those "gotta get items!"

An exclusive to Tales by the Sea, this item will be offered for a limited time in the shop only. You can order it by phone or email us!

Made of durable copper, this shower would be perfect near a pool, beach house, garden entrance or outdoor bath. One of our client's just bought a flower shower to place near her pond. She thought the trickling sound of the water spray hitting her pond would be delightful. We totally agree!

Our artist hand makes each item in the USA in a variety of colors. You'll notice, the shower head is fashioned after a sunflower. Color combos include red/yellow, natural copper/lime green, lime green/blue, and natural/natural.

Splish, splashin' in this flower shower is guaranteed to be the bright spot of your day. Limited supply. Order now.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FaBOOBlous Tata Story!

The first week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been really rewarding at Tales by the Sea. Not only have we convinced/bribed several women to get mammograms, sold lots of SAVE the TaTas products, but we even taught our first "snowbird" what "tatas" were. Yes, indeed, that does equal rewarding.

You see, this little old snow bird (for those of you who do not live in the south...a snowbird is a person who flocks from the colder northern climates to the south for the warm winters)came in and was starring at the Tatas hat pictured above. He just didn't get it. Finally, he approached the counter and confidently asked, "just was is a "tot-tas" and why do you people in Florida think it needs saving?"

I sweetly replied that the correct pronunciation was "ta-ta's" and that all women during the month of October should get a mammogram, hint, hint. The poor old bird just didn't get it. He said in a thick, New York accent, "lady, that's nice 'n all, but I still want to know what is a tot-tot?"

Seeing that I was getting no where with him, a nice tennis lady who was shopping nearby stepped in, placed her hands in the appropriate spot on her chest and said, "look mister, these are tatas and you better buy the darn hat!" At which point he turned around embarrassed and purchased 2 hats and a t-shirt. (We gave the tennis lady her hat free for the hilarious demonstration!)

As they say on Grey's Anatomy...seriously, please do a self exam and get a regular mammogram AND show your "support of for the girls" by purchasing a Save the Tata item! You will be faBOOBlous!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Think Pink Totebag

Happy October yall! Today feels like fall and today marks the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please, please go get a mammogram if you are at risk. (ok, there I said it, errrr, hold on for a minute, I need to go make my appointment, too!)

Our featured item today is the Think Pink Tote bag in yummy mocha brown and bubblegum pink. This bag is perfect to take on an overnight trip, to the pool or beach or to school or work. Roomy inside for lots of items and a convenient outside pocket to store your cell phone and keys.

We suggest monogramming it in a bubblegum pink thread. If you know of a person battling breast cancer...treat them to this bag. It would be a nice item to pack books or magazines in to take to their chemo treatments.

*SPECIAL* Order on our website before 10-17-08 and get the monogram F*R*E*E!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Awarenesss Month starts in 1 day!

Save the TaTas!
Do your part to help "the girls!" Breast cancer awareness month kicks off in just 1 day and the Tales by the Sea team is so excited.

Show your "support" by wearing one of our SAVE THE TaTas t-shirts, hat or carry one of our cute Save the Tatas tote bags. A portion of the sale of each of the items goes directly to Breast Cancer Research. We also have Principessa water bottles that support breast cancer funding and Lady Primrose Tryst Kiss pink items that will help fund a cure.

This cause is very close to the Tales by the Sea family's heart. Our founders, Heidi and Brian LoCicero pledged to make a difference when Brian's mother was diagnosed with this disease. After watching her courageous battle, (that she is still fighting,) they decided that every little bit helps. After searching the marketplace for unique items that support the cause, they added several best sellers to the shop.

If you've been touched by breast cancer, please know that we are behind you. If there is something the shop can do to help please email us. If you participate in a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research, we'd be happy to donate an auction prize. Simply email us the event sheet and info.

Together we will make a difference.