Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Great Guys Pajamas

~~~~~~~~~~The COUNTDOWN BEGINS...Great Guy Pajamas will arrive shortly!
The wait is just about over. Hip! Hip! Hurray! We know "girls just wanna have fun." but the guys want in on the action, too. Our ladies pajamas in animal prints and solids have been a hit. Ladies all over the country are sporting our sassy ensembles.

However, the guys weren't feelin' the love. They felt like it was outright discrimination to not have cool looking male sleep attire. We could not sleep with the thought of a discrimination lawsuit...soooo...we swung into action with our favorite designer to offer the best pj's for HIM in the country. Heck, these might be the best and most comfortable in the whole world.

The pj's are a super soft cotton fabric with a drawstring waist. The fabric choices are really masculine. As soon as these babies arrive into the shop, we will add them to the website and you can start ordering.

Crisis averted. No lawsuit in sight. {{Whew}} Good Night! The guys are resting and "sleeping tight."

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