Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Great Gift for Girlfriends!

What do you call a gift for your girlfriends? A "happy," "treat," or "sussy?" Well, it really doesn't matter WHAT you call it, because these monogrammed waffle bags are happy/treat/and sussy all rolled in to one adorable, yet practical personalized gift. {{WHEW, that was a mouth full!}}

This year, the buzz word in gifts is affordable. This cosmetic bag has that category covered. Our small waffle bags run a mere $6.99 and the large are only $9.99. Colors offered are mocha brown, hot pink, grey, red, white, and tropical blue.

Select any of our monogram styles, a fun thread color and our team will add a coordinating grosgrain ribbon to the bag. The monogram is only $9.00. Each bag is lined for extra protection.

Perfect for travel, this bag could also be used to store items in your briefcase or desk. Students love it to store items in their lockers at school or backpacks during the day.

After all, don't your BFF's deserve a treat/happy/sussy this year? We've heard they are on Santa's "nice" list. We confess...we took the liberty of moving them off the naughty list. {wink, wink}

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