Saturday, November 8, 2008

Put this Christmas in Perspective: Amazing Book: Cole Family Christmas

An unforgettable book: COLE FAMILY CHRISTMAS
If your Christmas will be held on a different level this year due to the national have to read this book. With it's moving message and timely theme, it will be one of Santa's best sellers this year. It can be ordered by calling our shop: 850-351-1980 Limited supply as the Holidays approach.

Here's how it has been described:

"Cole Family Christmas is a delightful story about a coal-mining family of eleven in the Appalachian Mountains who learns that love and togetherness far surpass material things. It’s a story similar to the O'Henry's Gift of the Magi in which one’s most prized possession take on a new meaning when you give them away.

The humble family with nine children tightly embrace the importance of listening and respect as they struggle to make ends meet in the harsh climes in the Kentucky mountains. The co-authors, eighty-eight year old Hazel Cole Kendle, on which her true story is based, and her granddaughter-in-law Jennifer Liu Bryan, write with such beauty that you can feel the cold drifting up from the frigid floorboards. You can smell the food Mama cooks and sense the coziness in the tiny kitchen as her children help her prepare each family meal.

In this tightly written story, the authors do a great job developing the characters, a none too easy task in a seventy-five paged illustrated book. An inanimate object, even the Sears catalogue wish book takes on a life of its own as the centerpiece of the children’s lives in the story.

Aside from the lessons of love the reader learns, another significant message is conveyed: the importance of recording family history. Genealogists and parents alike will love Cole Family Christmas for its uplifting quality and its gentle reminder of the true meaning of Christmas."

by Christine Hohlbaum
Mama's Musings

Please consider this for your Christmas giving. The story is one that will be shared from generation to generation. It is based on a real family struggling through real hard times.

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Betty Jane Rudiger said...

I ejoyed the website. Very Creative! I especially liked the book Cole Family Christmas. bet you'll be sold out in no time. Love, BJR