Thursday, April 23, 2009

New LOLLIA has arrived!

We'll keep it short 'n sweet---like a "tweet!" We are unpacking the new LOLLIA bath and body products now at Tales by the Sea.

Run, don't walk. INSPIRE...the latest and greatest fragrance is heaven in a bottle or lotion. Gotta go unpack. Tweet! Tweet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WISH...the most amazing LOLLIA candle ever!

WISH your home would smell divine? WISH your office would be inviting? WISH your condo had that cozy, "welcome" aroma? Well, WISH, no more!

Our LOLLIA WISH candle will do the trick. This intoxicating blend of fragrance will keep your guests lingering just a little bit longer. Your home will smell yummy, your office delightful and your condo so fresh.

FUN LOLLIA FACT: Did you know that if you burn 2 LOLLIA candles at the same time...that the fragrances combine to create a complimentary 3rd delicious scent? It's true and so sensual.

Our LOLLIA shipment will arrive this Thursday with great gift baskets for Mother's Day. Please stop by and check out the wonderful new WISH products. The WISH shea butter hand creme (shown above) and the perfume are must have's for Mom!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zebra Cosmetic Bag

We just love when a customer walks in and TELLS us that we just have to order her 12 more of an item! It makes us want to burst with excitement.

Such was the case, with our zebra letter cosmetic bags shown here. Our client, Mrs. A. ---as we'll call her---went WILD! Wacky, almost. She whipped out her graduation list and rattled off the letters she needed. Next, she wrote down her children's teacher's names and ordered one for them, too. Mrs. A then plopped down her credit card, paid the bill, turned on her heels and left happy. {{Whew}} That was FUN! Hope she has few friends, too.

To get your own zebra cosmetic Tales by the Sea today to order. These are selling so fast, we're not sure we'll even get to add them to the website.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Travel in Style

Spring brings about a new quest to explore. Exploring brings about a new desire to travel. Travel brings about a new reason to update your travel accessories. Tales by the Sea brings about the most stylish, swank travel treats on the planet. {{slight exaggeration fully intended}}

Our passion pink travel cosmetic bag by designer, Lady Primrose, is a savvy travelers "go-to" bag. This bag has a zipper closure and sturdy handy to grip on the go. Each cosmetic bag has travel sized, clear toiletry holders to store the liquids you must bring in the proper measurements to make it through security without a snag. FABULOUS!

This bag can be monogrammed for an added touch of personalization. The most requested thread colors for this item are mocha brown or lime green lettering. Grads, moms, teachers or friends would delight in receiving this useful item as a Spring time treat.

Your quest is complete!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monogrammed Towels

Some trends come and the big hair in the 80's, hair bows in the 90's or poodle skirts from way back in the 50's. One trend that seems to have some staying power is: preppy!

Whether an item is pink and green or green with pink...a preppy treat is always in style. Check out the latest and greatest member of the posh preppy scene:

Beach Towels!

Both practical and preppy, these plush towels can be personalized with a name, single letter or monogram in the color of choice---if you dare---venture out the pink and green realm! {{giggle}}

How adorable would Muffy look crossing the beach with a preppy towel in tow? We just know that William would take note! {{wink, wink}}

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chocolate Brown Towel Wrap

Addicted to Chocolate Brown Towel Wraps!

It is a well know fact, that chocolate is addictive. We're not talking about dark chocolate, milky chocolate or even delicious, white chocolate. We are talking about this yummy chocolate brown towel wrap.

Tales by the Sea has many colors to choose from in the towel wrap department. Chocolate brown, however, out sells all of the other color combinations day in, day out! This plush towel wrap, adorned with a sassy, pink ribbon, can be personalized with a name or set of initials.

The most enduring part of this item is that although it is "chocolate" it will not make you fat!

Order today!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Beach Towels with FREE Monogram

The sun is back out at the beach! Hurray! The Spring Breakers are out and about lovin' life again. Something about the rain makes them very angry. Hmmmmm. Anyway, in celebration of the SUN, we're running a special:
FREE MONOGRAM or NAME on any beach towel!

Beach Towels are offered in the following colors:
Hot Pink
Caribbean Blue
Chocolate Brown
Crisp White
Citrus Orange
Lime Green

Pick a fun font or go classic with a traditional script. This item is great for graduates or to put in an Easter basket.

**Remember we CAN do sorority or fraternity letters on these, too!**

Which one is your favorite?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Win a jar of One Minute Manicure!

If you've recently visited our Sandestin shop, we hope you stopped in for a FREE One Minute Manicure sample. This item has become a best seller! Our buyers first spotted this product in September 2004 on the OPRAH show. Oprah loved we knew we would, too.

One Minute Manicure is a dreamy blend of dead sea salts and essential oils that leave your hands and heels silky soft after just one minute!

The product is currently offered in Lemon Creme and Fresh Pomegranate scents. The large jar is $29.99 and has approximately 120 treatments. The travel size is $11.99and will give you about 20 treatments.

Here's your chance to win a large jar. Simply post a comment about this product on your FACEBOOK, website, Blog, Twitter or email and leave a comment here with the link. You'll automatically be entered. Want more chances? Simply become a "follower" of this blog (see right) and you will get TWO entries! Fun!