Monday, September 29, 2008

Breast Cancer Awarenesss Month starts in 1 day!

Save the TaTas!
Do your part to help "the girls!" Breast cancer awareness month kicks off in just 1 day and the Tales by the Sea team is so excited.

Show your "support" by wearing one of our SAVE THE TaTas t-shirts, hat or carry one of our cute Save the Tatas tote bags. A portion of the sale of each of the items goes directly to Breast Cancer Research. We also have Principessa water bottles that support breast cancer funding and Lady Primrose Tryst Kiss pink items that will help fund a cure.

This cause is very close to the Tales by the Sea family's heart. Our founders, Heidi and Brian LoCicero pledged to make a difference when Brian's mother was diagnosed with this disease. After watching her courageous battle, (that she is still fighting,) they decided that every little bit helps. After searching the marketplace for unique items that support the cause, they added several best sellers to the shop.

If you've been touched by breast cancer, please know that we are behind you. If there is something the shop can do to help please email us. If you participate in a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research, we'd be happy to donate an auction prize. Simply email us the event sheet and info.

Together we will make a difference.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chaise Lounge Chair & Wingback Chair Monogrammed

Time to order if you want Santa to deliver these at Christmastime. Our best selling child size Chaise Lounge Chair and Wing Back Chairs are selling daily. These are custom made for Tales by the Sea in the good old USA!

The chaise lounge chair is offered in pink (as shown) or a crisp white. The fabric is piped in a coordinating color. A pleated ruffle skirt and monogrammed initial finish it off with a hint of personalization. Perfect for children age 2 and up. This chair is a nice place for little ones to read, rest, relax or spend "time out."

The wing back chair is wonderful for girls or boys. Offered in willow green (as shown above), khaki, pale pink or white, this would make a nice addition to your child's nursery, room or playroom. A single initial is added on the the chair center in block for boys and script for girls. Very comfy and cozy.

To order please log on to Plan ahead, these are hand made items and our team takes great pride in completing them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Powder Room Towels

Visit any cultured home in the deep South and I guarantee that you will find lovely embossed monogrammed towels on the powder room counter. In fact, I'll even bet you!

We've decided that it was high time to run a special on one of our best sellers: the 3 ply super soft towels pictured above. There are so many ways you can use these. After all, don't you get irritated after a social gathering when you go into the powder room and notice that your beautiful linen hand towels were used to wipe some one's sticky little hands. Ekkkkk, I hate it.

With this set of powder room towels, you can still hang up your antique linens for "appearance sake," but you will lay the paper towels on the counter for the general visiting public to use. I dare say this has to be more sanitary any way, right?

These are cost effective, too. Order while on sale, a set 50 for just $24.99 OR order a set of 100 for only $32.99! The acrylic holder for the towels is sold for $18.00. We highly recommend this item. Ecru or white. Personalizing included!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best "Time of the Month" Items! Period!

These are the best "time of the month" accessories...period! At our home, we call "that time," Aunt Sally. That way my daughter and I can discuss the topic without the boys in the area catching on. It sounds something like this:

Miss P: Mom, Aunt Sally is coming visit next week!

Me: What day is she coming?

Miss P: Well, I am guessing mid-week.

Me: Do we have everything for her visit? Should I go to the store and buy her any treats?

Miss P: Yes, get her a bunch!

At which point a few months ago, my husband, Mr. B, looks at me with a serious face and asks, "where does your Aunt Sally stay when she comes to the beach? How come I've never met her, but Miss P seems to know her well!"

Then my son, Big A, replies, "dad, not only do the girls visit with her once a month..but, I've heard them saying they are going to buy her lots of treats!"
Miss P and I both leave the room in fits of hysterical laughter.

This Period Pack contain an informative book about periods, a tampon tote and pad holder. The pad holder and tampon totes can also be purchased separately. A must for your Aunt Sally's next visit.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Imagine this fabulous fragrance by Lollia

Imagine just saying a name because you like how it sounds as it rolls off your tongue. That's how I feel about the brand, LOLLIA. I just love saying it. LOLLIA. It reminds me of lollipops, love, and beautiful Rome.

I would guess...or the case may be that Margot, the Lollia designer must be inspired to name her products as she takes in their flavors. Our latest and greatest is:

Lollia Imagine Eau de Parfum. It is a floral fragrance impression of the most beautiful day imaginable. Flowering Willow & Lotus float in, then flutter away leaving a trace of Orchid on their wings. Breezy Rice Flower and warm Coconut Milk mix with dew drop notes of Mandarin & Jasmine petals. Something to imagine, right?

The bubble bath, candles and shea butter lotion are something you will WANT. Order now at

Friday, September 12, 2008

Do you have a BLOG?

We were tickled pink to open our email this morning with a kind note from a blogger who had featured, Tales by the Sea, on her blog! It got us to thinking---why don't we offer an incentive to our loyal readers/clients/friends who have blogs and want to feature some of our products?

Thus, a great idea was born. If you would like to mention or feature some of our wonderful items on your blog, just send us an email at, put BLOG in the subject line and tell us what you'd like to feature. Our creative team will send you some ideas on how to get started.

If you do not have a blog, but read blogs, then you'll be happy to know that we will reward you, too. Just email some of your favorite blogs and tell them about us and send us a copy. You can also send us the address of your favorite blogs and we'll contact them.

The entire staff of Tales by the Sea is grateful to our customers. We would not be successful without your support in the shop and/or online. We are amazed at the success of this little shop nestled in Sandestin, Florida. Our promise to you, is that we will continue to amaze you with great products, awesome service and a fun shop.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reserve this Boudoir Sign

A sign of the times!

Just admit it've "permanently retained" (aka STOLE!)one or more of the "Do not Disturb" signs from your favorite swank hotel. See, doesn't that feel better---just get it out in the open.

Now the guilt can go. Check out this fabulous boudoir sign, complete with a crystal chandelier prism and deluxe satin ribbon. One side says, "Please do not disturb." The other side politely states, "Room Service, please." How chic.

If you have a guest room, guest house or a second home, this item is a must. I have one on our upstairs guest room door and each time we have a guest, we have to check their bags prior to departure, because they even try to "permanently retain" ours! It's just that cute. This item is perfect for a honeymoon gift OR to give your kiddos a HINT that momma and big daddy need some "alone" time. Woo hoo!

[Ding!] Sorry, gotta go, one of our Hurricane guests is ringing the room service bell! Call us today to order one. We have 6 in stock now. 850-351-1980 or shop online at

Monday, September 8, 2008

W I L D pj's & robes!

Tigers, Cheetahs and Zebras...oh my!
We are wild about our new super soft cotton pajamas and robes. Our customers are too, as we sold out of our first and second shipment in just days.

pajamas are offered in a 3 piece set
: top, bottoms and matching drawstring carrying bag. Soooo cute. The carrying bag is perfect to tuck lingerie or a bathing suit in for an overnight trip. Each pj set is piped in a fun color. Our staff can monogram your name or initials on the top.

The robe is adorable. It is a short robe and the perfect light weight to wear as you are getting ready to go out. We had two clients from Dallas buy these for chic bathing suite cover ups. Love it! The robes are also piped in a fun color and can be personalized.

Choices are cheetah print piped in lime, mocha brown zebra and white piped in hot pink, and lime green zebra piped in hot pink. Check them out at or call the shop to order. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat gift!