Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our sweet CoCo is back in stock!

CoCo is back in stock! Finally!

The old saying, "you never really miss something until its gone," certinly applies here.

This little monkey, CoCo, has become a real assest to Tales by the Sea. He sits on the shelf smelling like coconut lime. When he is in stock our whole shop smells divine. When he is gone, we missed not only his aroma, but his warm company.

The staff realized that each of would "talk" to CoCo throughout the day. "CoCo, did you see that ladies cute handbag. CoCo I'm hungry, are you." He became a trusted confidante and friend. The problem is he sells out too quickly. Why?

CoCo is a best seller (and friend) because his belly has a flax seed insert that is filled with tropical coconut lime scents. This insert can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer providing a wonderful way for you to relax. He is also a nice gift item for a child or baby's room.

Pack CoCo along on a trip to cuddle with or place him in your passenger seat to keep you company. CoCo is a great listener and beautiful addition to any home.

Next time you are in Sandestin, please stop by to meet CoCo. Just remember---don't feed the monkeys! They'll just go bananas!

Only 3 left. Order one today.

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