Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Most Fabulous Makeup bag ever!

Fabulous Makeup Bag!

It's can now rest assured that you've seen THE most fabulous makeup bag ever! Just look at it---nice waffle weave design, fun coordinating ribbon, durable zipper closure and a stunning monogram!

Price is always the key when deciding if something is fabulous in my book. This deluxe bag, perfect for travel or to slip in your purse or briefcase is only (drum roll, puh-lease!) $19.99. Now do you see why we are so "pumped" about this bag?

Wondering who to give it to? We suggest teachers, bridesmaids, neighbors, friends, co-workers or Y*O*U!

Color choices offered are mocha brown, lime green, soft pink, hot pink, sand, and crisp white. The name or monogram can be done in any color you can imagine.

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Monday, January 21, 2008

A JUICY new blog!

Juicy New Blog!

Think back to a hot summer day of your remember when you set up a table and a homemade sign that read something like, Lemonade for $ale .10 and your best friend (mine was Mary D'Angelo) squeezed every last lemon on the kitchen counter to make the best lemonade possible.
We found 2 comfy chairs and a 8 track tape player and we sat by the street in my hometown of New Orleans and sold lemonade to passersby. The neighborhood boys, at least the cute ones, did not have to pay. Everyone else, including Mary's mother who bought the lemons, had to pay. We squeezed the most juice out of those lemons to make more money to buy roller skates or a Barbie townhouse---I can't remember which! We also drank up the summer sun and the carefree days of summer as kids.

That's what this blog is going to be---a place to squeeze out the best of the best in products from our flagship store, Tales by the Sea: books, body and bath! We promise to entertain, enlighten and tempt you down to the last drop!
Speaking of drops...just a drop of our JUICY COUTURE perfume will have you wishin' for more. The fragrance was created by perfumer Harry Fremont, and has hints of watermelon, mandarin, pink passionfruit, marigold, green apple, water hyacinth, crushed leaves, tuberose absolute, wild rose, princess lily, caramel crème brulée, vanilla, precious woods and patchouli.

According to one blogger at Smell This, "Juicy Couture starts with sweet — make that very sweet — fruits, heavy on the watermelon. As it dries down, the sweetness is cut momentarily by the water hyacinth and a vague touch of green, but it is amped up again as the white florals take the stage, and again later as the caramel and vanilla come into play. The tuberose predominates only for a short time, after that, it smells like indistinct white florals. The base is rather light, at least in the Eau de Parfum concentration, and is painted in tones that are more cool than warm, so despite the sweetness and the caramel crème brulée and vanilla, it does not have the feel of a gourmand scent." Like I'll be wishin' for more!

Tales by the Sea also carries the Juicy Couture body lotion and Juicy Couture Powder. Visit our website to order your Juicy!