Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Huge shipment of LOLLIA products has arrived!

Happy "Lollia-days!"

Just got back from a spur of the moment trip to the north pole with a HUGE new shipment of Lollia bath and body items. This trip was really fun. I had NO idea that things had changed so much up north.

The elves had changed alot of things. With gas prices being soooo high, they are packing great gifts for Santa to deliver, instead of a bunch of little bitty stuff. The number one "spoil me" gift on every one's list was LOLLIA! We even heard Santa chuckling, "Lo! Lo! Lo! instead of Ho! Ho! Ho! He loves this stuff.

We now know why. The four fragrances: Wish, Believe, Imagine and Inspire,
are simply divine. The aroma is irresistible and the packaging of each and every item is a feast for the eyes. The elves were so proud of Margot Elena's Lollia designs this year. Mrs. Claus was sporting the Believe fragrance (no surprise there!), Ellie Elf wore Inspire (again, no surprise!), but when Edward Elf came in wearing Wish...well a few eyebrows were raised!

That just goes to prove a well known North Pole point...this Lollia line of wonderful
bath salts, shea butter lotion, perfume and candles is at the top of every one's Christmas list this year.

Happy Lollia-days to all and to all a good night

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