Tuesday, October 7, 2008

FaBOOBlous Tata Story!

The first week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been really rewarding at Tales by the Sea. Not only have we convinced/bribed several women to get mammograms, sold lots of SAVE the TaTas products, but we even taught our first "snowbird" what "tatas" were. Yes, indeed, that does equal rewarding.

You see, this little old snow bird (for those of you who do not live in the south...a snowbird is a person who flocks from the colder northern climates to the south for the warm winters)came in and was starring at the Tatas hat pictured above. He just didn't get it. Finally, he approached the counter and confidently asked, "just was is a "tot-tas" and why do you people in Florida think it needs saving?"

I sweetly replied that the correct pronunciation was "ta-ta's" and that all women during the month of October should get a mammogram, hint, hint. The poor old bird just didn't get it. He said in a thick, New York accent, "lady, that's nice 'n all, but I still want to know what is a tot-tot?"

Seeing that I was getting no where with him, a nice tennis lady who was shopping nearby stepped in, placed her hands in the appropriate spot on her chest and said, "look mister, these are tatas and you better buy the darn hat!" At which point he turned around embarrassed and purchased 2 hats and a t-shirt. (We gave the tennis lady her hat free for the hilarious demonstration!)

As they say on Grey's Anatomy...seriously, please do a self exam and get a regular mammogram AND show your "support of for the girls" by purchasing a Save the Tata item! You will be faBOOBlous!

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