Saturday, March 28, 2009


Do you WISH the rain would end?

If you live in the south, you've surely said that sentence at least once a day for the last 5 days. Ugh! So, the staff at Tales by the Sea started thinking...if it weren't raining so hard...what do we WISH we could do?

My WISH would be to sprinkle on some of our LOLLIA WISH perfume, (pictured left) and saunter out to the sunny shores of the beach. There I would sit in a powder blue, monogrammed beach chair, covered by a cabana striped umbrella, ice cold martini in hand, scrumptious book ready and a totally, attentive beach attendant at my disposal. (get your heads outta the gutter girls...I just want him around to refill my martini glass...geeez!)

This is my WISH. This is the perfume. Strange things happen when you wear a dab of this intoxicating blend by Margot Elena and the Lollia ladies. It's fragrant, beautiful and light. The shea butter hand lotion is dreamy and the bath salts...heavenly.

So, there it is---my WISH! What's yours?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for Towel Wraps!

Towel Wraps for Kids!

Ahhhh, spring is upon us. The kids are out of school for Spring Break, the bunny is about to hop into town and summer is just around the bend.

Give yourself a break from washing towels unnecessarily. When your kiddos have a towel wrap to slip into before or after a bath you will notice that you'll wash a lot less laundry. {{squeal with excitement}}

The other place that the little ones seem to really use their wraps, is near the pool and beach. These terry cloth wraps are perfect to slip on as a cover up. Each wrap can have a name or full monogram added to the corner. Little girls love the ribbon choices of watermelon stripe or polka dot patty.

Be creative this Easter and let the bunny leave a towel wrap for your chicks in their basket. BINGO!

Order now online or give the shop a ring at 850-351-1980.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Meet & Greet at Tales by the Sea! Yall come!

Just like the characters in her latest novel, A Promise Land of Plenty, Destin
resident and author, Betty Lazarini, who writes under the pen name of B.P. Laz,
is not your typical Floridian. While she enjoys soaking up the sun and power
shopping, this talented author is more often spotted on the social scene,
traveling or making mischief with her nearest and dearest girlfriends from
Memphis to Destin.

"I love to write and to create characters," Laz said. Her inspiration for this
book came from two clever ceramic statuettes that the author picked up at a
local gift shop. The expressions on their faces inspired Mrs. Laz to
skillfully craft a story around the adventures of these fantasy females.

This exciting new novel, is a fast-track adventure, of which part is set right
here along the Emerald Coast's own Destin, Florida. Brandy and Mildred, the two
main characters "find themselves in romantic situations with mysterious men
peppered with intrigue, twists and turns over a box load of HOT cash that takes
them from Destin's sandy shores to the noisy, crowded streets of Boston and New
York," said Heidi LoCicero of Tales by the Sea bookstore.

Mrs. Laz is well known for the lengths that she was willing to go to make her
characters even more believable... as evidenced by the 40- double D bra that
one of the characters in the book is known for...actually hangs on the rafters
at the Boathouse down at the Destin harbor!

The author, who splits her time between Memphis, Tennessee and Destin, Florida
will read from A Promise Land of Plenty this Thursday, March 26, 2009 at an
Open House from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Tales by the Sea: books,body + bath
located in Sandestin's Baytowne Wharf. The public is invited to attend and meet this talented author.

The way things might even catch a glimpse of Brandy and Mildred!
Hard copies and paperbacks will be autographed during the Open House.

Pictured above: Popular author, B.P. Laz (left) presents Tales by the Sea shop owner, Heidi LoCicero with an autographed copy of her latest novel.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Seashell Soap

"the sea...once it casts its net upon are caught in its web forever."

Strolling along the seashore, is a favorite pastime. The leisurely pace could continue forever. And spot it. "It" is a beautiful seashell basking in the day's warm sun. "It" is just sitting there waiting to be discovered and admired. Seashells are part of nature's gift of the sea.

Now you can bring a useful version of the seashell to your very own powder room with these darling seashell soaps.

Each soap measures any where from 1 1/2 inches to 3 inches. The soap is triple milled and hand poured into custom molds, which were fashioned from actual seashells.

The soaps would make delightful favors for beach weddings or birthday parties. These seashell soaps would also look great in one of Tales by the Sea's stunning gift baskets.

Call the shop today and place an order: 850-351-1980

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Batch of Bath Cupcakes!

Yummy for the Bath!

A fresh batch of Bubble Bath Cupcakes are filling the shelves at Tales by the Sea. The latest and greatest scents are back in stock:

Mango Margarita: a thrilling combination of two scrumptious treats

Raspberry Martini: an intoxicating blend of a succulent fruit and dazzling drink

Birthday Cake: sweet almond scent with a pinch of sprinkles

Pink Champagne: a bubbling concoction of romance and pink

Yes, we know they sound good enough to eat or drink...but don't...these babies are for the bath. As in bubble bath!

Tales by the Sea will gladly ship a selection right to your door step. Simply go online and place an order. {{Like, now!}}

Monday, March 9, 2009

Towel Wrap & Beach Bag for Spring Break

Hip! Hip! Hooray! The Spring Breakers are on their way! It finally happened last night...the first group of college spring breakers poured onto the resort. That's the good part! The bad can I say it politely? Here goes: some of them need to wear cover ups while prancing around the shops and restaurants!

Tales by the Sea has the perfect towel wrap to cover up with! Whether walking to the pool or beach or simply getting out of the shower...a cute towel wrap is a must. There are so many fabulous color combinations and fun fonts to select from. Add your name or initials FREE, during SPRING BREAK!

The other must have item this Spring Break seems to be the Deluxe Tote Bag in pink and brown or baby blue and brown. The size makes it perfect to take to the beach. It will hold towels, snacks and a change of clothes. The outside pocket is perfect for keys and the cell phone. {{duh, you can't go anywhere without toting the phone along!}}

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fortune Cookie Soap!

Fortune Cookie Soaps=Success!
Taking a bath has never been so fun! Each soap has its own FORTUNE tucked inside!

You will be bubbling over with excitement, when you slip into the tub and drop in a strawberries and champagne fortune cookie soap. Double the size of an edible fortune cookie, these swanky soaps are selling like mad.

Several fun combos are offered like caramel apple, chocolate dipped strawberry and oatmeal and honey. They sound good enough to eat...but don't!

Can't pick just one cookie? Then "order up" the little takeout box shown above. We'll stuff it Chinese style with 3 different fortune cookie soaps, making it into one fantastic and truly out-of-this-world gift pack. If you are looking for a present for the person that has everything (you know who you are!) we promise that they will not have this gift pack!

You can also feel good about giving this set away (not that you’d want to or anything…) because our soaps are all-freakin’-natural and we leave our all the junk that makes your skin filmy. One whiff and feel of these beauties and we promise that you will be purchasing your own gift pack!

Ingredient List: Purified Water, Glycerin, Sodium Stearate and Sodium Oleate, Sorbitol, Stearic Acid, Lauric Acid, Fragrance, Color – Yep our products are made of soap, and while we know it’s tempting, do not eat them please!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spongelles sell like crazy! Soap-n-sponge-in-1

The latest and greatest thing at Tales by the Sea has to be our SPONGELLE sponges!

Spongelle is a revolutionary new technology combining the exquisite fragrances with time release lather. The body wash infused sponge exfolitates, purifies, massages and hydrates. Olive oil and botanical extracts will make your skin glow and your face smile shower after shower. 10+ uses.

When the soap is gone you can continue to use the sponge. Peony-Cassis Infusion with bergamot, lemongrass, sea kelp extracts and olive oil to rejuvenate and inspire.

Call the shop today at 850-351-1980 and we'll ship you a SPONGELLE!