Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bath Fizzie Fun!

A Sweet Bath Treat!

What do you get when you mix one part yummy treat with one part Hollywood bubble bath? A truly unique bathing experience! Our cupcake bubble bath is hand decorated to look like a real cupcake. But, it's actually a solid bubble bath. A solid bubble bath? Yes! Our Berry Yummy Cupcake Bubble Bath is a blend of raspberry, orange and musk. It's berry yummy and you get two if you order online at!

The other item that Sandestin Resort guests just won't leave without is our Romance Fizz Ball! When you need a little romance in your life order this set of 2 bath bombs. Our pink bath bomb topped with a red heart is the bath bomb for you. A blend of jasmine, melon, rose, musk and woods is sure to put you in the mood at the beach or when you venture home.

Each handmade fizzie is packed with sizzling action and decadent moisturizing agents. Some of our fizzies even have surprises in the center.

Like the old commercial says...plop,plop,fizz,fizz, what a sweet treat from the beach this is. (at least that's how we think it went. wink, wink!)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time for Perfume?

It IS "time" for perfume!
In a time now forgotten, aristocrats of long ago would not go out in public without their fragrance at hand. This collection of Timeless Fragrances follows in the footsteps of this edwardian tradition. This specially formulated soy and maple wax is infused with the pure plant and flower essence. These fragrances can be worn singularly or can be layered to create your own signature fragrance.
for use: rub your fingers into the fragrance and apply a liberal amount to wrists, neck or love letters.

lily of the valley – a delicate white floral. combinations of pineapple sage, pink jasmine and sandalwood.
yuzu flower – exotic citrus blossom. a rare and heirloom variety geranium that has the characteristics of roses, pineapple and grass.
cassis bud – green and sensual. blackberry and fig leaves are crushed and combined with trace notes of cedar.

Add a touch of personalization to the watch face by letting our engraving team adding your initials to the cover.

Cost: $29.99
Optional Engraving: $7.00

Call to order! 850-351-1980

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Save the Tatas!

By all means, Save the Tatas!

Once breast cancer affects someone you love, you'll do anything to make a difference in the fight for a cure. Last year, my favorite mother in law, was diagnosed and is waging a fierce battle against this disease.

This product caught our eye at market and has been a hit with customers. A portion of each TaTa purchase goes to breast cancer research! The tanks are by far the most sought after item. Tales by the Sea also carries the tote bags, lip balm, hats, shirts and baby onesies. Some shirts are done BLING style others are screen printed with the pink ribbon and fun statements. Here are our favorites:

Caught you looking at my tatas!
Save the Tatas!
I love my little tatas!
Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm hunting tatas! (baby onesie)
Give me your tatas and no one gets hurt! (baby onesie)

Show your support and watch your shirt make a difference.

PS: Have you done a self exam lately? Early detection saves tatas!