Monday, March 24, 2008

The Coconut Lime Monkey!

Your new BFF, Coco!

Meet CoCo, the coconut lime monkey! Cute, cuddly, lovable, and huggable. CoCo is scented with our tropical coconut lime scent. He is a welcome accent anywhere. CoCo comes with a flax seed insert that can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer, to suit your spa mood.

Imagine a chilly, cold night snuggling with a WARM CoCo by your side. What are best friends for? Who knew.

Better yet, picture sitting in a hot, stuffy airport with a cool, chilled CoCo. Yes, best friends fill every need. Seriously!

The most delightful part about CoCo is his soft, plush covering. When sitting CoCo is approximately 14 inches tall. He costs just $28.99.

To place an order for a new BFF: or call the CoCo hotline at 850-351-1980

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yum...smell the Coconut Lime!

The Scent of Sandestin!

Experience the spirit of escape with one of our Royal Palm coconut lime products.

The soothing tropical scent will transport you back to your lazy days spent lingering on the sunny shores of Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort. Coconut lime is a sweet, yet refreshing, therapeutic favorite that calms and sooths your mind and body.

Knowing that choice is what makes us happy...we offer the following Coconut Lime products:

Shower Gel/Bubble Bath: will leave you clean and invigorated

Room Spray: can be used to add an exotic and invigorating scent to any area, including your office, home or car

Body Lotion: nourishes dry skin and leaves you feeling refreshed

Massage Oil: will ease the body and spirit (and add a touch of romance to your day!)

The talented staff at Tales by the Sea will gladly assemble a gift basket with these products for you. Each gift basket contains 2 Florida starfish!

The packaging is lovely and the scent divine!

To order:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Amazing Juicy Bag

This bag is Amazing!

Our customers adore JUICY COUTURE! This travel bag is awesome. It is constructed to withstand lots of use during travel. The colors are done in Juicy's signature pink and chocolate, with a cute as can be Strawberry tacked on the front.

The bag is perfect for toiletry items, jewelry, makeup or anything else you can possibly fit in it. The bag retails for $125. and is the perfect bag for camp, college or trips.

The zipper closure keeps all of your goodies inside. This item is also available in a Navy blue and Strawberry color scheme.

Order online at or call us! 850-351-1980

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Double duty bag!

Winter: Laundry Bag! Summer: Beach/Pool Toy Bag!

See how excited my dad looks in this photo? He is actually really excited about this gift that my son, Andrew gave him.

It looks like laundry bag, right? Albeit, a touch cuter with the stylish monogram on the front. Well, it's not just any bag to the old guy.

Here's how the story goes...

During a visit to the beach, mom and dad put their dirty clothes into a regular bag to take home to wash. My adorable son, saw the bag on the floor of the guest room, assumed it was trash and took it to the curb. Within minutes the resort trash man came along...picked up the bag...and so went all of my parents clothes. We laughed so hard we cried!

Hence the reason, Andrew thought that my dad deserved his very own laundry bag for future visits. You know, to avoid any unnecessary confusion!

We suggest using it to lug dry cleaning back and forth to the cleaners, to take beach or pool toys to the seashore, or to take to summer camp for dirty clothes. There are lots of uses for this nylon bag.

Colors available are: hot pink, teal blue, lime green and mocha brown. They cost $14.99 plain and add $9.00 for a name or monogram. Each bag has a drawstring closure and a woven shoulder strap for carrying.

Very practical gift item.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Are you ready to be FABULOUS?

Get ready to be F*A*B*U*L*O*U*S!

This is by far, our staff's most favorite item! Our Fabulous Bath Bubble Bath bottle is a sight to see and to feel. The large bottle is filled to the brim with decadent scented bubbles.

Which scent to choose is where it becomes difficult. Are you a STARLETTE or a BOMBSHELL? Both you say? Then by all means order both!

Filled with luxurious ingredients to sooth your skin. Great gift idea! Remember, Tales by the Sea ships give to all 50 states! Order now at

See you ARE fabulous!