Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reserve this Boudoir Sign

A sign of the times!

Just admit it've "permanently retained" (aka STOLE!)one or more of the "Do not Disturb" signs from your favorite swank hotel. See, doesn't that feel better---just get it out in the open.

Now the guilt can go. Check out this fabulous boudoir sign, complete with a crystal chandelier prism and deluxe satin ribbon. One side says, "Please do not disturb." The other side politely states, "Room Service, please." How chic.

If you have a guest room, guest house or a second home, this item is a must. I have one on our upstairs guest room door and each time we have a guest, we have to check their bags prior to departure, because they even try to "permanently retain" ours! It's just that cute. This item is perfect for a honeymoon gift OR to give your kiddos a HINT that momma and big daddy need some "alone" time. Woo hoo!

[Ding!] Sorry, gotta go, one of our Hurricane guests is ringing the room service bell! Call us today to order one. We have 6 in stock now. 850-351-1980 or shop online at

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