Thursday, September 18, 2008

Imagine this fabulous fragrance by Lollia

Imagine just saying a name because you like how it sounds as it rolls off your tongue. That's how I feel about the brand, LOLLIA. I just love saying it. LOLLIA. It reminds me of lollipops, love, and beautiful Rome.

I would guess...or the case may be that Margot, the Lollia designer must be inspired to name her products as she takes in their flavors. Our latest and greatest is:

Lollia Imagine Eau de Parfum. It is a floral fragrance impression of the most beautiful day imaginable. Flowering Willow & Lotus float in, then flutter away leaving a trace of Orchid on their wings. Breezy Rice Flower and warm Coconut Milk mix with dew drop notes of Mandarin & Jasmine petals. Something to imagine, right?

The bubble bath, candles and shea butter lotion are something you will WANT. Order now at

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