Saturday, September 20, 2008

Best "Time of the Month" Items! Period!

These are the best "time of the month" accessories...period! At our home, we call "that time," Aunt Sally. That way my daughter and I can discuss the topic without the boys in the area catching on. It sounds something like this:

Miss P: Mom, Aunt Sally is coming visit next week!

Me: What day is she coming?

Miss P: Well, I am guessing mid-week.

Me: Do we have everything for her visit? Should I go to the store and buy her any treats?

Miss P: Yes, get her a bunch!

At which point a few months ago, my husband, Mr. B, looks at me with a serious face and asks, "where does your Aunt Sally stay when she comes to the beach? How come I've never met her, but Miss P seems to know her well!"

Then my son, Big A, replies, "dad, not only do the girls visit with her once a month..but, I've heard them saying they are going to buy her lots of treats!"
Miss P and I both leave the room in fits of hysterical laughter.

This Period Pack contain an informative book about periods, a tampon tote and pad holder. The pad holder and tampon totes can also be purchased separately. A must for your Aunt Sally's next visit.

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