Monday, May 26, 2008

Time for Perfume?

It IS "time" for perfume!
In a time now forgotten, aristocrats of long ago would not go out in public without their fragrance at hand. This collection of Timeless Fragrances follows in the footsteps of this edwardian tradition. This specially formulated soy and maple wax is infused with the pure plant and flower essence. These fragrances can be worn singularly or can be layered to create your own signature fragrance.
for use: rub your fingers into the fragrance and apply a liberal amount to wrists, neck or love letters.

lily of the valley – a delicate white floral. combinations of pineapple sage, pink jasmine and sandalwood.
yuzu flower – exotic citrus blossom. a rare and heirloom variety geranium that has the characteristics of roses, pineapple and grass.
cassis bud – green and sensual. blackberry and fig leaves are crushed and combined with trace notes of cedar.

Add a touch of personalization to the watch face by letting our engraving team adding your initials to the cover.

Cost: $29.99
Optional Engraving: $7.00

Call to order! 850-351-1980

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