Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bath Fizzie Fun!

A Sweet Bath Treat!

What do you get when you mix one part yummy treat with one part Hollywood bubble bath? A truly unique bathing experience! Our cupcake bubble bath is hand decorated to look like a real cupcake. But, it's actually a solid bubble bath. A solid bubble bath? Yes! Our Berry Yummy Cupcake Bubble Bath is a blend of raspberry, orange and musk. It's berry yummy and you get two if you order online at!

The other item that Sandestin Resort guests just won't leave without is our Romance Fizz Ball! When you need a little romance in your life order this set of 2 bath bombs. Our pink bath bomb topped with a red heart is the bath bomb for you. A blend of jasmine, melon, rose, musk and woods is sure to put you in the mood at the beach or when you venture home.

Each handmade fizzie is packed with sizzling action and decadent moisturizing agents. Some of our fizzies even have surprises in the center.

Like the old commercial says...plop,plop,fizz,fizz, what a sweet treat from the beach this is. (at least that's how we think it went. wink, wink!)

1 comment:

Betty Jane Rudiger said...

Bath Tub cupcakes are adorable. I'll get one for each of my freinds, I go to lunch with monthly. I adore the Santa picture & wording. GREAT! Betty Jane