Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zebra Cosmetic Bag

We just love when a customer walks in and TELLS us that we just have to order her 12 more of an item! It makes us want to burst with excitement.

Such was the case, with our zebra letter cosmetic bags shown here. Our client, Mrs. A. ---as we'll call her---went WILD! Wacky, almost. She whipped out her graduation list and rattled off the letters she needed. Next, she wrote down her children's teacher's names and ordered one for them, too. Mrs. A then plopped down her credit card, paid the bill, turned on her heels and left happy. {{Whew}} That was FUN! Hope she has few friends, too.

To get your own zebra cosmetic Tales by the Sea today to order. These are selling so fast, we're not sure we'll even get to add them to the website.

1 comment:

haute stuff nyc said...

i love this zebra bag. can i email you my list? these are adorable. I will feature these on my blog for you, too!