Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WISH...the most amazing LOLLIA candle ever!

WISH your home would smell divine? WISH your office would be inviting? WISH your condo had that cozy, "welcome" aroma? Well, WISH, no more!

Our LOLLIA WISH candle will do the trick. This intoxicating blend of fragrance will keep your guests lingering just a little bit longer. Your home will smell yummy, your office delightful and your condo so fresh.

FUN LOLLIA FACT: Did you know that if you burn 2 LOLLIA candles at the same time...that the fragrances combine to create a complimentary 3rd delicious scent? It's true and so sensual.

Our LOLLIA shipment will arrive this Thursday with great gift baskets for Mother's Day. Please stop by and check out the wonderful new WISH products. The WISH shea butter hand creme (shown above) and the perfume are must have's for Mom!

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