Monday, March 9, 2009

Towel Wrap & Beach Bag for Spring Break

Hip! Hip! Hooray! The Spring Breakers are on their way! It finally happened last night...the first group of college spring breakers poured onto the resort. That's the good part! The bad can I say it politely? Here goes: some of them need to wear cover ups while prancing around the shops and restaurants!

Tales by the Sea has the perfect towel wrap to cover up with! Whether walking to the pool or beach or simply getting out of the shower...a cute towel wrap is a must. There are so many fabulous color combinations and fun fonts to select from. Add your name or initials FREE, during SPRING BREAK!

The other must have item this Spring Break seems to be the Deluxe Tote Bag in pink and brown or baby blue and brown. The size makes it perfect to take to the beach. It will hold towels, snacks and a change of clothes. The outside pocket is perfect for keys and the cell phone. {{duh, you can't go anywhere without toting the phone along!}}

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