Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fresh Batch of Bath Cupcakes!

Yummy for the Bath!

A fresh batch of Bubble Bath Cupcakes are filling the shelves at Tales by the Sea. The latest and greatest scents are back in stock:

Mango Margarita: a thrilling combination of two scrumptious treats

Raspberry Martini: an intoxicating blend of a succulent fruit and dazzling drink

Birthday Cake: sweet almond scent with a pinch of sprinkles

Pink Champagne: a bubbling concoction of romance and pink

Yes, we know they sound good enough to eat or drink...but don't...these babies are for the bath. As in bubble bath!

Tales by the Sea will gladly ship a selection right to your door step. Simply go online and place an order. {{Like, now!}}

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