Monday, January 19, 2009

Michelle Obama will be ordering these items!

Must have items for the White House!

In our imagination, here's how we see it...
Michelle Obama is rushing to her computer to order these must have, gotta get for the White House items! (Look how Mr. President is just following behind her---knowing she is about to make history with her items from Tales by the Sea!)

First, she will order our One Minute Manicure to heal her hands from all the handshakes and pats on the back that she will give at tomorrow's Inauguration.
Oprah loved you know...Mrs. Obama will, too. A perfect combination of dead sea salts and essential oils exfoliate the skin and re-moisturize it to baby soft condition.

Our Ice Bags will fill the White House. Great for the morning after all the night long parties, perfect for when "the girls" have a boo-boo, or practical when the Prez has a stimulus headache. Stylish, swanky and super useful.

Entertaining dignitaries will be even more special with our Monogrammed bar ware. This has always been done in the personal quarters of the First Family and now the Obamas have the opportunity to bring personalization to every room in the house.

Monogrammed bath and body products top the presidential list. Heads of state to staff quarters will now feature the First Family's monogram. Deluxe towels, soaps and hand towels will be found gracing the halls of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Towel wraps for "the girls" will be sewn in colors that coordinate with their bright new bedroom colors. Our Washington source tell us that the rooms will be colorful and bold. Awwwwwwww. These will also be great for their trips to beach in Hawaii and to lounge around in poolside at their new digs.

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