Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sassy Slippers!

Sassy Slippers!

When an item becomes a best seller, you just know it. It sort of feels like winning an Academy Award! You want to stand in front of your shop and give that famous speech...you know the one! "I'd like to thank my mother and father for their support and inspiration, my producer, director, BFF and my dog, Skip. But most importantly, I want to thank that pair of monogrammed slippers for making me famous." The crowd goes wild!

In fact, everyone goes wild! The camera slowly pans to the audience and everyone is holding up their own pair of Tales by the Sea's monogrammed slippers. WOW, a best seller indeed.

The reason these slippers are taking home all the awards is obvious. These babies are super comfy with a cushioned bottom and rubber sole. They are adjustable and can be monogrammed in a rainbow of thread colors, in a variety of fun fonts. The slippers come in whole sizes for men and women. Fabric colors are: hot pink, lime green and white.

Ready to order your ticket to fame and fortune? Call your agent or get your people calling our people at http://www.talesbythesea.com to place an order. (Man, even the paparazzi are wearing the slippers...who knew!)

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