Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Most Fabulous Makeup bag ever!

Fabulous Makeup Bag!

It's can now rest assured that you've seen THE most fabulous makeup bag ever! Just look at it---nice waffle weave design, fun coordinating ribbon, durable zipper closure and a stunning monogram!

Price is always the key when deciding if something is fabulous in my book. This deluxe bag, perfect for travel or to slip in your purse or briefcase is only (drum roll, puh-lease!) $19.99. Now do you see why we are so "pumped" about this bag?

Wondering who to give it to? We suggest teachers, bridesmaids, neighbors, friends, co-workers or Y*O*U!

Color choices offered are mocha brown, lime green, soft pink, hot pink, sand, and crisp white. The name or monogram can be done in any color you can imagine.

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