Thursday, August 12, 2010

Insulated Lunch Tote at Tales by the Sea

Are you ready for Back to School time?

Do you remember what your favorite subject was in school?  When I was asked that question, the reply was swift.  I would proudly announce: "LUNCH!"

Giggles aside, I loved lunch because I could socialize with my peeps. {not much has changed} I attended a Catholic elementary school just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana and I'm 100% sure that the nuns and teacher would agree with my announcement. 

I loved to chit chat and visit.  After all, in the strict environment, lunch was the only time we could speak it seemed.  I also enjoyed seeing what everyone else had packed in their lunch box.  Lunch would surely have been more enjoyable if my mom had packed my tasty treats in one of Tales by the Sea's adorable insulated lunch totes shown here. {my lunch was packed in a plain brown sandwich bag. ewwww. ha!} I would have picked the lime green one and had my name in all lower case letters monogrammed across it in hot pink!  Yes, that is what I would have picked. 

Now that I am a working girl, I would likely pick the same bag, only I would monogram it in chocolate brown. 

The super-cool thing about these lunch totes is that they are insulated for hot or cold items.  Love it! 

With my elementary school days behind me, I'm left to wonder today...whatever happened to the girls I sat with?  I wonder who they sit and eat lunch with these days?  Children, office mates or hubbies?  Those WERE the days. 

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