Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet Gifts for Valentine's Day!

I'm totally in LOVE!
It was really love at first sight...the second I saw this fabulous set my client ordered ...I knew we had to be together.
I immediately ordered a set of these plush terry cloth towels for my powder room. This customer ordered white and black as pictured. I ordered white towels with a rich mocha brown monogram! The towel set looks fabulous hanging on my towel rack.
The soap set I ordered was the fresh linen and had a single large initial engraved on each bar. I placed the 3 engraved soaps on a silver tray just like this photo.
If you are looking for an inexpensive way to "fancy" up your powder room---copy this idea. It really adds a touch of glamour to a rather ordinary room.
Towels can be done in fun colors for kids bathrooms, too. Select from Lime Green, Hot Pink, Teal Blue, Chocolate Brown or White towels. Add a whimsical design and your child's name.
For kids' bathrooms we suggest ordering the pink or lime green soap to coordinate.
Ain't love grand? It is when you find some fabulous and affordable.

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