Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soak up the last of 2009 at Tales by the Sea

If you are anything like me, you are READY for the next year to begin! I am making resolutions today to make sure I am focused and driven in 2010. But, before the clock strikes midnight, I plan to soak up what's left of the year and rinse my lingering cares away....with a SPONGELLE.
These amazing little sponges, featured in numerous magazines we might add, are just the thing to relax your night away.

Our customers say that once they use the SPONGELLE to bathe...they simply won't ever, ever use wash cloth again. "They are addicting," said Miss Virginia Baker. {{in her signature southern voice!}}

SPONGELLE's are known as luxurious skin care for your body! They exfoliate, purify, rejuvenates and hydrate the skin. Each sponge is infused with antioxidants, botanical and anti-aging ingredients. The massaging/exfoliating texture whisks away dry skin and stress. Perfect for traveling, too!

For today, we respectfully ask that you make a resolution to spoil yourself with a soak in the tub with a SPONGELLE. Go ahead you deserve it!

And cheers---to a wonderful New Year for you and those you hold dear!

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