Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BELIEVE for Christmas

Discussions of Christmas always turn to the word BELIEVE!
Forget about the age old debate on do you BELIEVE in Santa Claus and focus on BELIEVE...the incredible new LOLLIA perfume.

This fresh and floral fragrance is best described as flirty! BELIEVE is a mix of cabbage rose and citrus with hints of buttercup and roses. Often called a sparkling duet of soft rose water and crisp green apple balanced by the subtle quietness of cedar wood and honeyed Freesia.

{{Too bad computers don't have a scratch and sniff section! Ha!}}

If you are looking for a lovely gift this Christmas for the person who has it all...we BELIEVE this perfume would make just the gift. BELIEVE is also available in shea butter hand lotion, candles and soap.

The Tales by the Sea staff would be happy to make up a gift basket for you, too!

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