Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another gift basket you have to "sea!"

Yep! She did it again! That #1 salesperson at the Sandestin Hilton and her amazing staff at the Hilton just keep the Tales by the Sea team hopping. This time it was the dynamic duo sales team of Ron and Jon or is it Jon and Ron? Anyway, who knows...

What the Tales by the Sea team does know...its that the Hilton crew KNOWS how to spoil their clients. This is the latest and greatest gift basket that the Tales team sent out on their behalf.

The beach gift basket has a sampling of our best sellers! From a monogrammed platter, zebra note cube, Lollia bath and body treats, seashell trays to a personalized towel wrap...this basket was full of fun.

The team at the Sandestin shop can create a gift basket for any theme, occasion or just because. Simply call with a price range in mind and let the magic begin.

Gift baskets are a great way to welcome guests to the beach or a nice gesture to say thank you for inviting us to your beach house.

What occasion do you have coming up that we can send you a basket for? Huh? We want to know...we just might surprise you.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

What a great basket!
We are going on a 2nd Annual Houseboat trip for Labor day! Would love to present the hostess with a gift basket!