Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray...LOLLIA shipment arrived today!

The Fed Ex driver must have thought he hit the jackpot today. He opened the front door of the shop and hollered, "LOLLIA shipment, where d ya want dit?"

All three employees ran to the front door to help him in and rip open the boxes (or "duh boxes" as he calls them!).

This flurry of activity spurred the browsing customers curiosity. As we opened each box, we held up each item like a priced jewel. Ahhh, look at the new perfume. Ohhhh, check out the fabulous hand lotion. Wow, smell the wonderful bath salts. We just went on and on.

The LOLLIA products went on and on...right out of the door with each of the customers who were lucky enough to be in our shop as they arrived. So, we're off to phone the LOLLIA ladies with a list in hand to place a re-order.

The kinda day we like!

Stop by the shop at Sandestin's Baytowne Wharf for a FREE sample of our LOLLIA products. They are decadent. The packaging is stunning and attracts the eye. The products are divine, which leaves you wanting more and more.

And if you see Tracy our FED EX driver, follow him!

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