Thursday, August 14, 2008

SELF magazine picks our Lollia as Best! by Heidi Locicero of Baton Rouge, LA

Get this for yourSELF!
Lollia brand products are taking our shop by storm! At first, we thought it was the yummy fragrances that had everyone swarming. Then we thought, perhaps, it was the simply gorgeous packaging that the designer encased each item in. (Just look at the lovely crystal prism that hangs from most of the item. Just a lit touch of decadence.) Now, we know it's all of the above.

Lollia products are irresistible. If the editors at SELF magazine say it...we, the staff at Tales by the Sea believe it. They never steer us wrong. This line is addictive, just like the SELF magazine.

Please come stop by the shop for a free sample. You can select from one of 4"stories" as the "Lollites" call them: WISH, DREAM, IMAGINE, and BELIEVE.

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