Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Create a Message in a Bottle Brian Locicero Baton Rouge, LA

If creating a Message in Bottle has been a long time dream of yours...look no further than Tales by the Sea: books, body & bath!

This unique kit, which is made from recycled materials has everything you need to literally create and send your own Message in a Bottle. Here's how it works: simply write down the message you've been wanting to send, roll up the the paper into a scroll, add some sand, a few small shells for effect, perhaps a photo of your hometown, your email address if you want to know where it's been located and then pop in the cork, crank up that pitching arm of yours and throw it as far as you can out into the bay, ocean, lake or puddle of your choice. And then you wait...

one day when you log onto your will appear!
"It" will be the message: "I found your message in a bottle in:________________." This is really a fun, old fashioned way of communicating or sending out an SOS! The kit can also be fashioned as a creative invitation to a beach or island gathering or simply gussy it up and use it as a fancy postcard.

To purchase a Message in a Bottle kit, just visit: or call the shop at 850-351-1980.

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Keith Cangiarella said...

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