Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Double duty bag!

Winter: Laundry Bag! Summer: Beach/Pool Toy Bag!

See how excited my dad looks in this photo? He is actually really excited about this gift that my son, Andrew gave him.

It looks like laundry bag, right? Albeit, a touch cuter with the stylish monogram on the front. Well, it's not just any bag to the old guy.

Here's how the story goes...

During a visit to the beach, mom and dad put their dirty clothes into a regular bag to take home to wash. My adorable son, saw the bag on the floor of the guest room, assumed it was trash and took it to the curb. Within minutes the resort trash man came along...picked up the bag...and so went all of my parents clothes. We laughed so hard we cried!

Hence the reason, Andrew thought that my dad deserved his very own laundry bag for future visits. You know, to avoid any unnecessary confusion!

We suggest using it to lug dry cleaning back and forth to the cleaners, to take beach or pool toys to the seashore, or to take to summer camp for dirty clothes. There are lots of uses for this nylon bag.

Colors available are: hot pink, teal blue, lime green and mocha brown. They cost $14.99 plain and add $9.00 for a name or monogram. Each bag has a drawstring closure and a woven shoulder strap for carrying.

Very practical gift item. www.talesbythesea.com

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